Thursday, September 4, 2008

Off to a Better Start Today

I followed through on most of the goals I set yesterday, including getting up early to exercise. Yeah me!

But why do I fall off the wagon sometimes? Is it laziness? Is it a lack of discipline and self-control? And will the lap band help me? There's such a difference between wanting something and actually taking the steps to make it happen, a depressing statistic I'm sure.

I used to think that understanding my motivators would keep me going. Although, I've recounted them for years: smaller clothes, more confidence, more energy & physical activity. I've signed contracts with myself. I've made magazine collages and inspirational jewelry. Not one of them has kept me on track.

Maybe my discomfort in a body that doesn't reflect who I am and limits how I function in this world is the best motivator of all. If I really think about it, do I want to waste more time and calories maintaining my far-from-perfect size 22 bod? Shouldn't I be motivated to do anything but that?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it seems broken beyond repair, don't give up. Give it your best shot.

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