Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am A Woman Inspired

Earlier this month I promised a review of A Woman Inspired online conference. Then I got busy with other responsibilities like registering our son for Kindergarten and preparing an open house for our weigh loss group. But I've been dying to jump on and share about the wonderful experience I had with AWI.

On Day 1, I settled into my home office chair and logged on to the conference. We had the option of attending through GoToWebinar or calling in by phone. I liked the webinar option because I could see the PowerPoint presentations and use the live chat feature if needed. I couldn't attend every session, but the ones I heard on friendships and forgiveness blessed me.

Another day (maybe Day 2?) I logged in and listened while doing laundry. I learned about honoring God from the inside out. The speaker shared beauty and wellness tips, all from a Godly perspective. It was helpful and refreshing.

I didn't get to attend as many live sessions as I hoped, but my ticket allowed me to download the MP3s and any accompanying files for use at a later time.

All in all, I found each speaker to be humble, encouraging, uplifting and Christ-centered. I can't wait for the next conference on doing ministry online June 8-11. Pray about joining me!

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