Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gotta Tell Ya Tuesday - Helpful Tools

I recently cleared my calendar to help my mom recover from brain surgery. With less outside obligations, I've had time to reevaluate my activities, my schedule and my habits (good & bad.) Here are a few tools that have been helpful during this process.

DIY Planner - A stationary / planner lover's dream, this website offers tons of free calendar and planning pages that puts Franklin Covey to shame. I decided to use the Classic 2-Up version (prints two to a page) as well as some in the convenient Hipster PDA size. There are also a ton of user-submitted docs for many needs. One person recommended using the Matrix form (a basic grid) as a food/ diet journal, and I have to say it's working well for me.

Fly Lady - Fly Lady offers a total approach to personal and home management. I've tried it several times in the past, but her email reminders and long to-do lists overwhelmed me. This time I am using her Zones to tackle my housecleaning. She is also big on keeping your kitchen sink shined and dressing to your shoes which I am incorporating as well. There are helpful printouts about FlyLady's methods at and I printed and laminated the second file on index cards so I can use dry erase markers.

World's Best Grocery List - A few years ago, I created my own grocery list, but I like this one much better.

As the new year approaches and we continue to evaluate our time and goals, I hope these tools prove helpful to you as well.

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