Thursday, February 4, 2010

Throw It Out Thursday - The Living & Family Rooms

I took Gail Blanke's advice (author of Throw Out Fifty Things) and walked into my living room with a new set of eyes. She suggests exiting and re-entering like it's your first time there so you can find any trouble spots. My biggest trouble spot was a cluster of baskets in a corner next to the fireplace. It seemed like ideal storage for magazines and catalogs, but it ended up looking cluttered. After a purge, I moved the keep items to a drawer in my office instead. The now empty corner really makes a difference.

Here are my throw-away items this week:
  • Books (being donated)
  • Magazines (recycled)
  • Catalogs (recycled)
I didn't find anything to throw away from the family room, so it's time to move on to our catch-all basement. Ugh! I may need to spend a few weeks sorting, organizing and purging there. If anyone knows a professional organizer in Southeastern PA with reasonable rates and some time on her hands, I'm listening. You can post a comment here.

Good luck throwing things out at your house this week :)

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