Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Have you ever had a week or month when all you did was rush here, there and everywhere? That's how I've felt the last few weeks. It started with a week-long Vacation Bible School where I volunteered and Noah attended. Then we had outings, doctor's appointments and the usual stuff crammed into summer vacation. As a result, I've been eating poorly and skipping exercise, not to mention taking afternoon naps on the couch.

My house started to reflect our hurried days, too, with piles of dishes, laundry, and dust bunnies. Housework has a way of waiting for you.

But that's not the worst of it. Even God noticed my busy schedule. While I'd say I spend most days in quiet union with Him, He'd probably describe our time together as sporadic. But I think I've discovered a way for Him to "catch me" before my morning appointments with Jillian Michaels and my family.

As soon as I walk down the stairs, I pass two comfy chairs on my way to the rest of the house. So I decided to strategically place my Bible and journal there, along with a few other books, as a reminder to stop and reflect before moving on with the rest of my day.

This epiphany may not seem like a great discovery to anyone else, and Lord knows the countless ways I've tried to make quiet time a habit before. But if I don't catch my breath soon, I'll be one spiritually-dry mama heading back to the bus stop. Say a little prayer this works.

How and where do you set aside quiet time? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

(Cute running boy photo of our son courtesy of Eric Cressman Photography.)

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1 comment:

Emily said...

Oh what a great idea!! I can so relate to the words you shared...I too feel like I just run, run, run! I love the picture of your son as well, very cute! I may have to try the same idea of finding a "place" in my house to stop to pray and read the Bible before (or at the end of!) my day!

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