Monday, October 4, 2010

Running - The Reunion Tour

Let's face it... my eating and exercise plan fell by the wayside - a while ago. Do I try to make good food choices? Sometimes. I'm still buying whole, real, and organic, if you don't count fast food milkshakes or dessert from Cheesecake Factory.

Exercise and I parted ways back in the summer when I broke up with Jillian Michaels (who should have made more episodes of Losing It.) The problem is I'm seeing the results, in a bad way.

So sometime last week, after wanting to start running again, I decided today was the day.

Top Ten Reasons I Could Have Skipped Exercise This Morning:
  1. It was raining.
  2. Orange (reflective vest) is not my color.
  3. I'm self-conscious about wearing my head lamp.
  4. I can feel the junk in my trunk.
  5. My hot pink, stay-dry shirt accentuates the junk in my trunk.
  6. I couldn't find my ear buds.
  7. Did I mention it was raining?
  8. When I found my ear buds, I realized my iPod wasn't charged.
  9. I don't own a heart monitor.
  10. After getting dressed and ready, was there really time to exercise?
True to the promise I made to myself last week and even last night before bed, I got up this morning after 4 hours of sleep and went walking / running. The rain wasn't bad from under all of my gear, and I got to enjoy a quiet neighborhood while blogging in my head.

If I want to do a marathon and go rock climbing someday, getting over my excuses to those first steps is crucial.

What are you deciding to do today? Let's conquer the world - one thought and step at a time.


Janet Oberholtzer said...

Love this post.
Can't believe you went out for a run/walk this morning - good for you!!
And you haven't failed unless you quit trying - so continue one step at a time and you'll get there!

Ronel Sidney said...

I love your truth in the list and I have found I have been making excuses for not working out in the last few weeks.... you have inspired me to push through my excuses and get up and try again.

Thank you for your honesty.


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