Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 19: A Letter

Fall 2005

Dear Michele,

You have been blessed with a wonderful baby, Noah.
Babies don't come with instructions—it's all trial and error. He will be happy, bouncy, joyful, and also crabby, cranky, and irritable—just like all people. His problem is he can't talk and tell you his problem—diaper, nap time, or hunger.
Dad and I are available 24/7 for help, for advice (wanted or unwanted), and to comfort when tears are the only release. Michele, I have always told you to cry when you feel the need. It releases tension. We all need to release tension.
I would feel needed and appreciated to clean, vacuum, do floors, change beds, go to the laundromat, whatever! Dad can help also. Don't feel like you and Eric must do it all. All new parents need help. The smart ones aren't afraid to ask.

(Betty Ann Cervone)


ellen s. said...

Wow! What a special note from your mother! Every young mother is probably jealous of your mom's sensitivity and generous spirit! What a great grandma!


Thanks, Ellen :) I didn't even know how right she was at the time. She is a great mother and grandmother!

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