Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Regurgitating My Full Plate

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My eyes are bigger than my stomach (especially post-weight loss surgery), but sometimes they're bigger than my calendar, too. In full MommyForward fashion, I attempted my own extreme makeover, only to burn out midway. Here's my thought process pre-demise:

"I need to exercise more. I think I'll join Curves." = +3 new appointments each week

"I must break this plateau. Maybe a support group will help." = +1 new appointment, a mound of paperwork, and the pressure of a weekly weigh-in

"I want to draw closer to God." = +1 new Bible study appointment, a workbook of unfinished homework, and a bookshelf of unread books

"I should promote the book I just wrote." = speaking & interviews, a blog tour, bookmarks to hand out, emails & letters to write, and social media schmoozing

"My family of 3 - each with distinct dietary needs - is entitled to a home-cooked family meal." = shopping, cookbooks, and good intentions.

When reality stormed in, I discovered that I was only getting to Curves once a week; I was half-heartedly participating in the support group and Bible study; and I was too tired to work on my career goals let alone properly feed my family.

So what's a girl to do? I'm scraping off my plate and portioning new helpings. It's bound to be a work-in-progress, but it's better than a handful of Tums and a padded cell.

To get the comments going... How do you know when you're doing too much? Any advice on balancing it all?


Jamie said...

Hello from ICLWland! I was a little sad to go to your "About" page and find very little on it. I'll plan to come back later and read some more of your posts.


Thanks for visiting, Jamie, and for pointing out the lack of info on my About page. This is my first ICLW, and I'm getting lots of ideas from visiting everyone else - a quick intro being one of them. So I will go add that now. Please stop by again soon.

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