Friday, June 24, 2011

Sabbatical Decisions

I'm a woman of few words, but I'm rarely speechless. Up early, staring at piles of laundry, paperwork, books to be read, and articles to write, I sat down to sort through my thoughts with a blog post. Sometimes a definition will inspire me, so I headed over to to look up "sabbatical", which I put myself on to figure out my next steps. The page loaded, and as I got ready to type the word into the search box, I saw that the Word of the Day is - no, it can't be - "sabbatical". Random? God? I'm not sure, but the feeling in my stomach seems to say creepy. Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn't wake up with that magical word in the hopes of orchestrating my day. I had read a post on Michael Hyatt's blog a few days ago on Should you dare to think about a sabbatical? (Thanks, Michael. I have needed to think about that and I did!)

With the creepy word-of-the-day instance behind me, what was I going to write about again? Oh, yes, my sabbatical. I can't say it's been much of a sabbatical yet (which, by the way, is "any extended period of leave from one's customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc." - in case you're not up on the word-of-the-day. LOL) I'm still the full-time wife and WAHM I've always been, promoting my book and bettering myself through faith and self-improvement books. It's fair to say my sabbatical is mental, at best. Approaching our family vacation, the International Christian Retail Show, and a new school year, I wanted to sort through my goals, dreams, and priorities again. I have several "Praying Through" guides I'd like to write along with improving this blog. I'd like to optimize my schedule so I don't feel so scattered among my home, work, online, and real-life happenings. But how do I sort through this all and come out with a clear, proper direction? Will reading through Tim Ferris' 4-Hour Workweek or Jillian Michaels' Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life (both in 'the pile') really accomplish anything?

I'm a visual person. Maybe I need a vision board.
I'm a planner. Maybe I need a list.
I'm a Christian. Maybe some Bible and prayer time is the cure-all.
I'm indecisive. How can I hone in on my life's purpose and next steps when I can't even pick a method to get there?!?

So here I am on sabbatical day 6. I've isolated the questions...

  1. What are my goals, dreams, and priorities?
  2. What is my purpose and mission statement?
  3. What would excite me daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.?
  4. To what audiences and by which methods do I feel most called to contribute?
  5. Which projects excite me and which am I willing to sacrifice (even for a little while?)
  6. What mentors and materials are available to model after?
  7. What role should income potential play in determining my goals, dreams, and priorities?

The hard part now becomes answering these questions. Stay tuned...

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C said...

Visiting from ICLW!

I think I'll borrow some of your questions to use in my own life. That's a great list.

Good luck with all of your projects!

Heather said...

I'm glad you've drawn up your lists and I hope it helps you become more focused. :) Your book looks interesting by the way. I think if I do get to the point of adoption that is a good resource I could use. I know either way I'll need a lot of prayer.

Kristin said...

That's a great list of questions. I wish you the best of luck finding the answers.

ICLW #10

modernmedicinemiracle said...

here via iclw

i hope you find your answers during your sabbatical. best of luck!

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