Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gotta Tell Ya Tuesday: Mabel's Labels

I've always been a stationary girl: paper, pens, stickers... So given the opportunity to try The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo set of personalized labels from Mabel's Labels, my fingers couldn't type fast enough (You should have seen me ripping open the package when they arrived!)

The kit contains waterproof labels and tags to keep our son's stuff out of the lost and found bins. I wish I had bought them for his preschool years, but I'm finding tons of uses for them as he enters 2nd grade, too. For example, I love to find thrift and consignment store bargains. Often they have another child's name written in permanent marker. Not a problem this year! Mabel's Labels made it easy for me to switch this sweatshirt to our son's name instead.

I wholeheartedly agree with The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she said, "I could not live without these labels." Take a minute to browse their website at or call 1.866.30.MABEL to order a set for your family.

Mabel's Labels provided me with a complimentary set of labels in exchange for this review.


Kristin said...

I tried out Mabel's Labels after BlogHer last year and LOVE them. They are the best labels ever.

ICLW #19

Anna said...

CUTE! I love learning a little something on a Wednesday morning. These labels are adorable.

Happy ICLW!

The Polka Dot Princess said...

I am excited to follow your blog! I found you on mommy bloggers. Hope you'll follow me as well! :) Have a magical day!

Emby said...

Those are a great idea!

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