Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The rest is still unwritten...

I have a wonderful life. I have a loving husband, a beautiful son, supportive family & friends, and a cozy home.

Yet, as I approach the age of 35, I know there is so much ahead of me. I never dreamed that at this age I would have a new career as a freelance writer and voiceover talent. I never dreamed that I'd be on the verge of significant and permanent weight loss. I never dreamed that I would have any physical activity goals, let alone rock climbing and skiing. The rest is still unwritten as the song states.

I'm excited about the new and the possible. I want to uncover the Michele that has always been here under pain, insecurity, and excess weight. I want to live MY life, not what has been expected of me in order to please others. This is my second chance. I'm thankful, and I'm taking it :)

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