Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Could Just Scream!

I'm really dragging this morning. After a weekend away with my family, when I lacked exercise and self-control with eating, I have fallen out of my routine. I'm going to bed late, getting up late, skipping my morning exercise, and making poor food choices. I feel stuck.
This situation is not going to fix itself. And I can't wait for our back-to-school routine in two weeks to correct the problem. I need to make some decisions today.

1) I will turn the Wii Fit on and exercise at some point today
2) I will use my Eating for Life cookbook for better food choice ideas
3) I will pre-select my food choices for today
4) I will go to bed by 11pm and set my alarm for 6am
5) I will exercise with Svetlana (my Wii Fit virtual trainer) tomorrow morning

Boy, just having a plan makes me feel a lot better. Now it's time to get out of my office chair and do it!

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