Friday, October 24, 2008

Me? Write a novel in a month? I must be crazy.

Every November would-be novelists congregate at to spit out 50,000 word novels for no good reason, or so I thought. This November one writer (who shall remain nameless and only recently started to experiment with fiction) will join them. Pigs are flying over some part of the world.

You might be asking "why" this unnamed writer who is the busy mother of a preschooler and on the verge of weight loss surgery would attempt such a task. My, I mean, her answer? THE SHEER JOY OF IT!

I've spent the last portion of my 2-year Christian Writers Guild course on a fiction project. I'd be lying if I thought I even have 1,000 words of it written. Instead, I have character profiles, settings, plot details, and ideas swirling around in a binder and in my head. I've also gotten feedback from some very reputable writers, mentors, and dear friends that this is a worthwhile idea for a story. So rather than do the responsible thing, like work on something that might seem like "real work", I'm devoting November to telling Jenny's story--a dead-end life, a search for fulfillment, and a stint on Reality TV.

And, if I just so happen to get surgery in the midst of all of this, I've got a great reclining sofa and an adjustable table for my laptop :) Stay tuned.

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