Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Affordable Enouragement at "A Woman Inspired" Online Conference

I just signed up for my first online conference at A Woman Inspired. I've attended (and have spoken at) retreats and workshops before. Here's what I liked about this one:

Affordable - Only $12.95 through April 1 (and still affordable after that)
No travel - Stay in your pj's and slippers if you want!
No babysitting - Listen to the workshops as part of your normal day.
Flexible - Miss a workshop? Your combo ticket provides all sessions as MP3s for listening at a later time.
Freebies & Giveaways - What woman doesn't like something for free, especially in this economy!

From the website:
A Woman Inspired - Get Revived
April 6-9 2009

This conference is all about giving you a spiritual dose of adrenaline because we all need it sometimes. Maybe you are concerned about your calling or perhaps you are afraid to begin walking toward what God has for you. Maybe your faith has taken a nose dive and you need to pointed back in the direction of our Lord, Jesus. Or, it could be that you just need someone to tell you that it is okay that you failed but you need to get back up! It happens to all of us.

This events speaker line-up is phenomenal. These are some great women of God, humble enough to serve and strong enough to stand up and proclaim His word to all who are in need of hearing it. This conference is for any woman in need of revival in her spirit.

I will post a review on Monday April 13. If you attend, I welcome your thoughts and feedback by email to

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