Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotta Tell Ya Tuesday - Save & Give

I'm an information junkie. I love to gather info as much as I love passing it along. So today I'm starting a new series called "Gotta Tell Ya Tuesdays" to share those little tidbits I'm dying to get out.

For starters, we're all searching for ways to save and stretch our dollars. One way to do this is thrift store shopping. Don't know where to find gently-used bargains in your community? Try the national thrift store directory at

Then consider using some of the money you've saved at the thrift store to support a worthy cause like Cupcakes for a Cause. Buy, bake & send cupcakes during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September) and Cupcakes Week (September 21-27), a week when participating bakeries donate a portion of their proceeds to CancerCare for Kids, a program that supports children affected by cancer and their families.

You will be blessed as you save and give.

Watch for more tidbits on future Gotta Tell Ya Tuesdays.

1 comment:

Tami said...


I watched your video on Noah, HOW BLESSED YOU ALL ARE to have found each other!
Isn't GOD wonderful how he works?

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