Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honesty Week - Tuesday - A Thorn on Every Side

We all have something that plagues us, our thorn that we want God to remove from us. We want it gone – we call out and still nothing. What is that thing, is it your fervent prayer?

Excess weight has been my thorn, not just in my side, but on every side - back, front, middle, etc. It has caused a great deal of sadness, insecurity, and fear in my life, robbing me of the full life I desire.

I wish I could say that losing the weight has been my fervent prayer. In all honesty, I have probably tried everything but praying it away. Deep down, it has been a prayer request, but one I assumed would still be my responsibility to fulfill.

In November of 2008, the Lord allowed me to have lap band surgery as a tool for losing this excess weight once and for all. He didn't miraculously remove the thorn. However, He has been lessening its destruction in my life as I become more healthy and alive. Now, 47.5 pounds lighter, I see the all-important lessons I needed to learn through this process that I might not have learned had I been skinny all along.


Xenia said...

This is a great post, thank you for sharing your feelings.

Following you from MBC...

Anne - mommyhastowork said...


Visiting and following from MBC

Angela said...

First off...congrats on your weight loss.

But secondly and most importantly...I'm sorry you had to feel so bad for so long.

I know it's hard for others to imagine how you felt about being heavier. And I'm sure it's not helpful to hear from me since I haven't been overweight, but I try to tell people this:

It REALLY doesn't matter if you are fat or thin. Don't ruin your life trying to be thin, in the end you will bury your body: fat or thin, pretty or ugly, it won't matter. ;)

Enjoy your life. Stive to be healthy and forget the numbers on the scale forever. Best of luck.

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