Thursday, January 7, 2010

Throw It Out Thursday - The Bedroom

This is the first week of my Throw Out Fifty Things challenge. Don't forget to download your free workbook if you'd like to join me.

The first room to tackle is our bedroom. I'm opening drawers, rooting through closets and inspecting every inch to find unwanted items. It's crazy how many things end up here, like the paint & supplies for our bathroom project stacked in a corner. Clutter doesn't contribute to the romantic, casual country look I'm going for.

So here are my first goodies to go:
  1. My husband's old jeans - faded, ripped, stained. These need not see the light of day ever again!
  2. Unwanted jewelry - A few pairs of costume earrings are headed to the thrift store for someone else to enjoy.
  3. A blue office guest chair - It's in great shape, but it doesn't match our decor. I'm not even sure why or when we put it there either. I hope it becomes a great thrift store find for someone else's home or office.
  4. A pair of sneakers - Hardly worn but no longer my taste, I'm sure someone else can put them to good use.
  5. Books & magazines - Read and now ready for someone else's enjoyment.
I would like to create a cozy, relaxed feel in this room. So I'm repurposing a flameless candle from another room. I will be looking for additional items I can place there that will contribute to the feel without creating more clutter.

My next stop is the bathroom. In the meantime, feel free to comment with a list or a total of the unwanted items you are throwing out and/ or donating.

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Deanna said...

New follower from MBC!

Nice Blog. I have recently donated/trashed 6 large garbage bags of stuff (household items, clothes, toys)and it felt great!


Thanks for the comment & the follow, Deanna. And congrats on 6 bags of stuff gone! Wow! I know that feels good.

Lisa said...

I found you on MBC too.

I love this post....thanks for posting it.

I hope you'll check my blog out too:)

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