Thursday, March 18, 2010

Throw It Out Thursday - The Office, Part 2

"Throw out absolutely everything that either blurs or detracts from your brand-or drags you back to some old idea of yourself. Be brutal."

Armed with a new understanding of my brand (see Part 1), I got to work emptying shelves and drawers in my home office. The items I gathered - decorative printer paper that doesn't fit my brand, craft supplies, writing manuals, and a bag of clothes to donate - reflect incomplete projects and good intentions. Since I don't want to surround myself with defeat, they had to go.

I also purged old makeup from the bathroom as well as wet boxes, books and paperwork from a small flood in our basement. I don't recommend water damage, but in this case it provided necessary motivation.

Here is my list of home office items to keep handy:
  • Information and projects that move me forward toward my personal and professional goals, including reference books, library books, files, etc. [Improvement Specialist]
  • Information to pass on to others [Information Broker]
  • Items that inspire or encourage me, such as my potted plants, family photos, and wall decor.
Take a look at who you are, who you aren't, and who you strive to be. Then make intentional decisions about the items that surround you. "Your greatest work is ahead of you." (Throw Out Fifty Things, page 109.)

Now we'll move on to section three, Attacking the Mental Mess. Are you ready? Download your free workbook or read my past Throw Out Fifty Things posts here.

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