Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 30: Someone I Miss

Thank you for joining me on my 30-day picture challenge. This last post is about someone I miss, one of my best friends Stephanie Elfman. Stephanie died way too early in a car accident when we were 23 years old. When she first left this earth, I would catch myself wondering if an answering machine message was from her. Now fourteen years later, I wonder if we'd chat about Facebook, The Real Housewives, and the irony of my Russian-born son (Stephanie was part Jewish and became interested in Russia when we were in high school.) To say that I miss Stephanie, the laughter and smiles she added to my life and all we never got to share is an understatement. But, as her mother once said, if you only have a few good friends to count on one hand, you are fortunate. I consider myself fortunate to call her one of those people in my life.

I miss you, Steph.

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