Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mother Nurture Month: Our Homes

Could you use a little mother nurture?

Take this brief quiz. When was the last time you...

  Took a warm bath?
     Polished your nails?
        Read a book just because?
           Met up with a friend?
              Considered your personal goals and dreams?

This month at, we are offering a 4-part (weekly) series to help us all enjoy some mother nurturing. Grab a cup of coffee or tea (sans the guilt, of course) and discover ways to nurture yourself without neglecting your family. Being a MommyForward is more than possible, it's necessary for everyone involved. If you're with me, let's get started...

Week 1: Creating a Mother Nurturing Home

What do you think of when you hear the phrase 'mother nurturing home'? Are the floors and surfaces clear? Is the toilet scrubbed? Everything's put away? Those are all great starts, and I'd love my home to always look that way. But busy lives, bustling children, and life's demands can interfere. In my mind, regardless of the housekeeping factor, we can create a home filled with sights, sounds, and smells that nurture us and our families.

Color accents, fresh flowers, and encouraging verses are great ways to enhance the sight lines throughout the house. I love bargain hunting in thrift stores and at Walmart for inexpensive window valences and decorations to brighten a room. Sometimes I find a plaque or calendar with just the right saying, or if I happen to come across one when I'm reading, I put it on an index card and place it somewhere easy to see.

One of my favorite things in the world is a quiet house. You know what I mean, the sound of silence before anyone gets up or once the school bus pulls away. But even without that blank canvas, we can add soothing music, an open window to birds chirping, or an inexpensive tabletop fountain.

I admit to overlooking scent as a way to nurture myself and my family. But now, I can't live without it! For example, we have to shower or bathe anyway, so why not indulge in a body wash or bubble bath with a pleasing aroma? My favorite is coconut. And, if the thought of burning candles concerns you, there are safer alternatives like candle warmers and air fresheners (check out to see some of my favorites, like the travel tin.)

Now that we've started brainstorming ways to mother nurtrify our homes, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. Leave a comment for a chance to win this week's mystery prize to go along with our "home" theme. [Enter by Thursday 11:59 PM EST and check back on Friday after 10 AM EST to see if you're the winner (in which case you will then email me with your physical mailing address. Open to all U.S. and Canadian residents.]

Finally, here are the topics we'll cover in the coming weeks:

Week 2: Developing a Mother Nurturing Body

Week 3: Encouraging a Mother Nurturing Spirit

Week 4: Maintaining a Mother Nurturing Perspective

Have a great week!

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