Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Ever Infertelevision Awards

No matter how hard we try, we no/low-fertile chicks get reminded about our situations often, including on television. Shows like Teen Mom, A Baby Story, and Nineteen Kids and Counting can add salt to already aching wounds. [And no disrespect to any of these shows... I've personally met the Duggars. Michelle is a beautiful woman with a beautiful family.] But when you're longing for children and struggling to grow your own family, it's difficult to celebrate everyone else's blessings.

This week, after watching the season premiere of Sister Wives where Robyn announces her pregnancy, I realized there are times when shows handle infertility with sensitivity and grace. So I've decided to give out the first ever "Mommy Forward Infertelevision Awards" to two shows I'm proud to watch as an infertile girl. And the awards go to:

Sister Wives - For Sensitivity in Announcing a Pregnancy:
Robyn shares her pregnancy news with Meri (secondary infertility) before announcing it to the rest of the family. Meri is excited for Robyn and explains that her difficulties in the past have not been about the wives' joy but her (and daughter Mariah's) loss. Kody, Robyn, Meri, and even teen Mariah showed real emotion and sensitivity in dealing with a new pregnancy in the midst of another woman's infertility.


Giuliana and Bill - For Real-Life Coverage of an Infertile Couple:
Giuliana and Bill have been very open about their trials and tribulations around growing their family. We've watched consultations, treatment cycles, disappointments, and their decision to enjoy a TTC-free "Year of Fun", all while juggling work, family, and home life. Giuliana and Bill's example proves couples can and should continue living full lives despite a difficult road to parenthood.

Would you like to nominate a show for future Infertelevision Awards? Please leave the show's name and your reason, or any other comments, below. Thanks!

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