Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Wild Ride!

I'm just a quiet, Philly girl transplanted in suburb-a-rural Pennsylvania. I chuckle (okay, snort actually) that this week's festivities included a networking social, a women's ministry leadership meeting, and a Rotary Club dinner. And did I mention I'm on the cover of Chester County's Women's Journal? Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor!

Please believe me when I say I'm not boasting. In all honesty, I'm most comfortable playing the fat, shy girl in the corner. At the same time, I hear an undeniable whisper that tells me "You can make a difference. I've given you something to do and say" as if God Himself urges me to release my insecurities and suppressed ambitions. The Mommy Forward project that started around weight loss has become more about walking into God's best for me - from marriage and motherhood to business and ministry. The ride's not over yet, but I stand amazed and humbled at the life one girl and her God could built together.

Years ago, a dear pastor's wife, Laurie Swansen, shared with me the concept of "I get to...." I get to empty the dishwasher. I get to change a diaper or pay a bill. In other words, focusing on the privilege and not the burden of our tasks. As a single, working woman at the time, it took years to truly grasp the lesson that I get to fold my husband's socks and attend my son's IEP meetings. I get to encourage pre- and post-adoptive parents through my book. And most recently, I get to meet and promote local business owners through Chester County's Best Kept Secrets Tour.

It's certainly been a wild ride. Thank God for seat belts!

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