Friday, November 14, 2008

"Mommy, I'm gonna miss you big."

Out of the mouths of babes, this is how our 4 year old son responded to the news about my surgery. I think it's important for him to understand what's going on (at an age-appropriate level, of course.) I told him that the doctor is going to help me by putting a bracelet around my tummy on the inside. It will help me eat less and get smaller this way (horizontal) not this way (vertical). He looked puzzled, but I know he'll come to appreciate it soon. He won't have to ask me not to eat his ice cream or fries, and I'll have more energy to play and ride bikes. I asked him if he would go rock climbing with me. He smiled at the thought of doing these things together.

As I walked into the Weight Management Center's support group meeting last night, prospective patients were leaving a surgery information session. I could sense the sadness and defeat, the years of ridicule and loss of dignity. I've lived it, too. But with each folder of life-changing information, I knew there was also a glimmer of hope. I prayed that each person would find the healthier, active life they desire, whether or not surgery is in their future. I also prayed that they would be encouraged by everyday people who are successfully fighting their obesity-and winning, like the ones I'm getting to know at support group.

I'm not going to miss me big. I'm ready to be "cute, LITTLE Michele" again, a nickname I have not heard since high school :)

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